Vacation Tips: First Time in Brazil

Vacations in Brazil, the very first time!

I just came back from my Carnival in Rio and I felt like I should write something in this blog for people who come from other countries to spend time in Brazil. It's impressive how big the number of foreign travelers is in Rio, specially during Carnival.

As a Brazilian, I started to notice the way that "gringos" (the way foreigners are called by Brazilians) are been treated and I just came up with some tips for those of you who are planning some days off somewhere in Brazil (not only in Rio de Janeiro).

So, if you intend to come to Brazil and just want to do it as soon as possible, please take note:
  • Yes, you’ll be the center of attention for everybody and everywhere. So, please, take care of your bags, camera, glasses, pockets, jewelry...and all of your personal belongs;
  • Do not trust everybody, have a second thought even about the coolest ones; 
  • Try to research the prices and try not to buy at the first place or take the first offers, sometimes they increase the rates just because your are a foreigner;
  • Try to bring your money in Real (brazilian currency) already, if you try to negotiate with dollars you'll come out losing; 
  • Always review your receipts to be sure they're not charging you extras;
  • We have a 10% tip in restaurants, usually it's alread inside the final amount on the check. If you feel like they don't deserve it, you can ask them to take it out. You're not obligated to pay tip in cabs, clubs, snack bars, stores...
  • If you take a cab, use small bills in order to receive less change;
  • Remember that in Brazil you can't have refounds of purchases. You can't have your money back. You may only exchange the product for another one.
For more tips, watch that video


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